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Whether you’re searching for your first home or trying to sell your current one, you are sure to experience many obstacles and paperwork along the way. Real estate transactions are complex legal processes that require the skills and experience of a highly professional real estate agent. You would not want to hire a subpar individual to negotiate a legal contract for the largest purchase of your lifetime. So, finding a top tier realtor is a necessity.

Many people find agents by choosing the agent whose picture appears beside a home listing on Zillow. The pictured agent has paid to be sponsored on the Zillow site. Agents pay for their photo to appear by listings in the hopes of gaining a client. They are not on the listing page because they’ve proven themselves to be highly successful real estate agents. It’s not to say that these agents are incompetent. In fact, many on these sites have professional realtors, but among them are droves of poor performing ones who need paid exposure to gain leads. Also, they may be new agents who lack experience. Zillow is great for these agents, but not so much for you. Another thing to keep in mind is that a couple of hours after you complete the fill-in lead form, you’ll receive numerous calls from different real estate agents, not just the one appearing on the home listing page. Sounds fun, huh?

In addition to Zillow and Reator.com there are numerous lesser known agent finder services who claim to be in the know as far as who the best real estate agents are in your area.


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Why You Need a Top Tier Real Estate Agent

Get More For Your Money

Buying and selling a home can be overwhelming. People who have never been through the realty process are sometimes under the naive impression that they can go it alone through the real estate transaction without an agent. Some sellers believe that they can successfully sell their home For Sale By Owner (FSBO). I’m not here to tell you that you cannot, but many sellers fail to save thousands of dollars they could have earned with the help of a great agent. Many fsbos find themselves in legal quagmires because of title discrepancies such as double mortgages or hidden liens. If they had a real estate agent to steer them away from problems, they would have saved themselves many headaches and thousands of dollars.


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Where to Find a Top Notch Real Estate Agent

Assisting You With The Purchase and Sale of Homes

We’ve already established that you need a top notch real estate agent. So, where do you find a great one?

What’s worse than having no real estate agent? Having a poor performing one. If you’ve perused the listings on agent finder service sites, you may have noticed the photos and bios of real estate agents that appear beside these listings. This does not mean that this particular agent is in charge of the buying or selling of that home. In fact, if you call that agent, 9 times out of 10 they will be clueless about the details of that listing. Why is that? They have paid to have their profile appear on random listings in the hopes of collecting leads or buyers.

Zillow and Realtor are commercial real estate lead sites that everyone is familiar with, but there are also lesser known companies called real estate agent finder services. These companies presume to help you find the best agents in your zip code whether you’re looking for a buyer’s agent or a listing agent. Most of these companies are merely out to solicit your personal contact information in order to generate leads for real estate agents who paid to be among the “select agents” whom the service recommends. See a pattern here? You will be assigned a real estate agent based not on their merit and sales history, but on how much they paid to be featured on the site.


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Personal Referral

Relocation Real Estate Advisor, Steve Wallace, Realtor | Agentiers.com

The best agents are the ones that you hear about from friends. But what if you’re moving to a new city where you don’t know anyone? You then must rely on these paid services which are not entirely trustworthy.

That’s why Steve Wallace created Agentiers.com to stand in as that personal referral source.

Steve has networked with hundreds of other successful realtors over the course of his career. He has met many talented, motivated, and skilled realtors from throughout the country at conferences and meetings. He also has an expansive network of top agents and real estate brokerages. These real estate agents are fully vested in bringing value to their customers and career. They’re in the real estate industry because they want to be there; it’s not just a part-time gig for them. Having a real estate agent who views their career as a serious endeavor makes a difference in how they treat their clients and how they perform in sales and purchases.

Steve Wallace has the innate ability to choose top agents from all over the country because he knows what qualities to look for and which real estate brokerages to contact. Steve Wallace has worked in all levels and specialties of real estate for over a decade, and now he is putting that experience and knowledge to work for homebuyers and sellers like you. The real estate industry has become rife with deceptive 3rd parties looking to make money off of both clients and young inexperienced real estate agents. But personalized real estate agent referrals bring value to consumers searching for the best real estate agents in the area.

Steve brings a refreshingly honest approach to the real estate finding service industry. His site is not interested in collecting potential leads only to dole them out to random realtors. Those websites are deceptive in that they promise to vet and choose the right agent for your requirements and location. Steve Wallace’s Agentiers.com, handpicks a  top real estate brokerage with reputable and successful agents for you to find the most qualified, reliable and professional agent in your area.

Call Steve today at 843-540-4282 for a personalized referral.


Characteristics of a great agent

Steve Wallace looks for the following characteristics and more when choosing the best performing agent in your location. He is an award-winning realtor, so he knows what it takes to be a top real estate agent.

Great real estate agents have the following characteristics:

Proactive: The agent calls potential buyers and communicates often with the client whether that be seller or buyer. Keeping the client well informed is crucial in being an excellent real estate agent.

Great Communicator: Often, realtors will assume the client has the same knowledge of the steps involved in the complex real estate transaction process, but they’re mistaken, and this leads to a lack of communication on critical steps. This leaves the client feeling left out of important steps or even neglected through the process. Remember, if you (the client) have to repeatedly call the real estate agent, then you may have one who is a poor communicator.

Good Listener: Along with being a good communicator, a top notch real estate agent must also be a good listener. A real estate agent should listen to you in order to learn what your special requests and needs are. The agent should be asking you a lot of questions, not running their mouth or reciting their phony sales script.

Adaptive: The best real estate agents can adapt to their client’s needs and can predict problems that may surface in the buying or selling process. They discover the best way to communicate with their clients and the best times to contact them. The client never feels ignored by an excellent real estate agent


Other characteristics include…

  • An ability to interpret legal jargon in real estate legal documents and communicate the purpose of those documents to their clients.
  • A knowledge of working with municipal bureaucracy and zoning.
  • A panache for spotting homes that match most of their buyer’s requirements especially price range.
  • A knowledge of the latest research tools to find the best homes in the area for the buyer.
  • An ability to listen to the client and visualize exactly what they’re looking for in a home.
  • A knack for customer service and they enjoy providing value to their clients.


Contact Steve Wallace today at 843-540-4282 to start your search today for the best real estate agents in your city or town. Personalized referrals by Steve will save you money and time in your search for the best agent.



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