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Enjoy our Tv Spot Video by the Founder of Steve Wallace Real Estate, Agentiers and House Value Home Real Estate Sites, Steve Wallace, Realtor. Connect with Steve to get a referral to a quality real estate agent in your area! Visit Steve Wallace Real Estate online to discover South Carolina dream homes for sale and to gain a wealth of free real estate information.

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Do you have a home to sell? SOLD is our favorite 4-letter word! Speak with Realtor Steve Wallace to discuss your home selling goals and real estate plans. Call 843-540-4282.

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At Steve Wallace Real Estate, we believe in serving the needs of all our relocating home buying and home selling customers no matter where they are located of where they are headed. Beyond the realty and property management services we offer in South Carolina, we provide real estate referrals helping our customers connect with quality agents.

For home buyers, we offer comprehensive services as a buyer’s agent, from arranging mortgage options and helping you evaluate a home’s future resale potential to providing advice on negotiating your offer and walking you through the closing process.

For our home owners, we offer a variety of options in handling your home sale, from evaluating it’s potential in the current market and marketing it to a specific audience to securing the top dollar for your home and ensuring your closing goes smoothly.

Steve Wallace, Founder, Agentiers, House Value Home
Steve Wallace Founder of Agentiers and House Value Home

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We’re proud to offer a wide range of comprehensive services to homeowners and home buyers in our community.

Buying or selling beyond neighborhoods in Greater Bluffton, South Carolina? If so, speak with Steve for a referral to an agent in your area!

Pre-Listing and Listing Service
Marketing Via Print and Internet
Property Management Service
Buyer’s Agent Service
Monitoring Offer Requirements
Ensuring a Smooth Closing

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No matter where you are, or where you are headed, we connect home buyers and sellers with quality real estate agents to assist you with the purchase or sale of local homes. Speak with Relocation Real Estate Advisor, Steve Wallace, Realtor, and get connected with a top tier real estate agent in your neighborhood or neighborhood of interest. Don’t delay, act today. Call: 843-540-4282.

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